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About us

Ezeetraker provides high end technology solution in vehicle tracking using GPS/GSM/GPRS technology with a world class support.

Ezeetraker believes in providing technology solution to meet your needs - we do not believe in providing a solution which is available with us. But we believe in understanding the customer needs and delivering a tailor - made technology solution by integrating various technologies in a seamless manner and integrating the solution with your existing business solutions.

Ezeetraker is committed to bring world class technology relevant to the customer needs in an affordable way to help our customers manage their business - fleet, cargo, courier, taxis and rental cars and even personal vehicles safety - in the most efficient manner.

Our Mission

Ezeetraker is committed to delivering a custom made solution best suited to the customer's needs and which exceeds the customer's expectations, while leveraging the best technology solution to the full advantage of the customer at the least cost.

We help you keep your vehicles in your control, gain better fuel efficiency and control vehicle speeds!